Snowrails: The synchronized ski system

The new synchronized skiing system, called Snowrails, consists of two specially engineered, high performance carving skis that are flexibly linked by a cleverly designed coupling device. The skis remain parallel to each other during longitudinal shifting and maintain identical edge angles to the surface at all times.

This technology prevents one of the sport’s major hazards, crossing of the skis, and edge mistakes. The parallel an synchronized design also evenly distributes the forces to both legs, allowing for safe maneuvrability, even around sharpe curves. With Snowrails, fluttering of the skis ist impossible because both edges are always and equally in contact with the surface.

Skiing on any terrain and condition, even hard artificial snow, is safer and easier. Snowrails have the potential to substantially reduce accident risk by preventing common ski-handling mistakes – without diminishing the pleasure of the sport.

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